Skeleton Key Historical Consulting

Unlock your story


Are you a historic house museum, historic site, historical society, or small history museum that:

  • Struggles to find visitors?
  • Feels under-appreciated by your local community?
  • Has trouble coming up with or putting up new exhibits?
  • Have exhibits or period rooms that haven’t changed significantly for 5 or more years?
  • Has trouble finding, training, and keeping volunteers?
  • Is unsure of where your institution will be in 10 years?

If so, Skeleton Key Historical Consulting can help. We specialize in visitor and community engagement, interpretive planning, exhibit design, staff and volunteer training, and bringing fresh ideas to institutions whose job it is to tell the stories of the past.

We are diplomatic and professional, but not afraid to ask hard questions and tell hard truths. As always, we tailor our ideas, advice, and actions to the institution we serve.

If you are serious about change for your institution (and we mean serious), contact us. You won’t regret it.

Sometimes it takes an outsider to help you understand who you really are.


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